Have A Seat

Our friends and family that know our pup, Xigs, may have heard she had surgery last week, leaving her with a little less of her small intestine. The dog ate four socks. Blogging and everything has been on the back burner. This little mishap made us rethink our living situation. We chose a room and … Continue reading

What a TREATment! DIY Window Cornices

Owning a home, or at least adding home improvements, has really pushed the boundaries of our relationship. I have learned that just because I come up with a “great idea” does not mean the project will be put into action any time in the near future. And, I’m coming to terms with this…slowly. John has … Continue reading

Framing a Mural

When we moved into our new house, we wanted to be sure we brought some of our favorite parts of our old neighborhood with us—an SF tribute, if you will. Our old place was near the Mission, an area as colorful as it is crowded, and literally lined with art. In most SF guide books … Continue reading

Hack Job– IKEA style

I was really excited to post about my first IKEA hack, when a friend pointed out that we already have a few hacks in our home (see Mirror, mirror…). But this is one of our first IKEA furniture hacks we’ve taken on. And it was definitely a join effort–generally meaning my idea, his labor. I … Continue reading

New Year… New Projects

We’re back with a lot of new ideas to share this year. We apologize for the break, but between the holidays, travel and house projects, we got a little sidetracked. To be fair, it was the end of last year that spearheaded most of our projects. The holiday season gave me a great excuse to … Continue reading

Welcome Home!

We’ve been focusing a lot on decorating and updating the inside of the house that the outside started to get a little neglected.  We recently added a few things to our front yard to make it more welcoming. A friend of mine showed me a fabulous planter on pinterest that inspired this next project. I … Continue reading

Say It With Ink

We just got back from Hawaii, where we celebrated our 1st Anniversary, which explains the hiatus from blogging. We were inspired by our surroundings and came up with some great ideas for the house and outside area. Stay tuned. Until then, let’s talk about ink transfers. I have been searching for the easiest, least messy … Continue reading

Before and After: Living Room

This was a pretty good Labor Day weekend–we spent time with friends, spent time with each other and our pup, went on our first mountain bike ride together since surgery (yay!), AND we got a little closer to completing one room of our house. Now that we are almost through (one room ), I’m ready … Continue reading

Shelf Life

We have a lot of books in our house.  I love books, everything about them—they way they feel, the way they smell, especially the way they look. You might notice in photos on this bog that I use them not only to read, but also to decorate. We are short on space when it comes … Continue reading