Posted in June 2012

Bright Idea

Now that we’ve added color to the living room, we could use a little light. For some reason, there are no overhead lights in our living room, leaving us with a lot of lamps. Ideally, we should install a light fixture; John actually mentioned this idea. But, that entails getting up into our crawl space … Continue reading

Coffee Table Makeover

I am totally into refurbishing at the moment. I love the idea of finding a cool piece of furniture and making it over into something a little funkier. I was pretty happy with this little revamp… let’s just say it’s not her first facelift. When I moved away from San Francisco the first time, my … Continue reading

Curtain Call

For our friends out there that actually follow this blog– GREAT NEWS– Xigs is back! John rescued her from a terrible animal hospital, and she’s back with us regaining her strength. The two of us will be recuperating together (me from my back injury, the pup from whatever it is that she has most recently … Continue reading

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

How I hope you do not fall– because I LOVE our new creation! I’ve been trying to find creative ways to add color to our living room. But, many of my inspirations also tend to come with a steep price tag. My newest love: mirrors. There are so many fabulous mirrored pieces out there right … Continue reading

Say Cheese–then add some COLOR!

The living room is the first room we are tackling. I actually have agreed to take John’s advice to go slowly, room by room. (This won’t last for long, believe me). But, the first room to focus on is the living room. And let me just say John has been a super star with this … Continue reading

Get Your Paint On, Peeps!

What I’ve learned about owning a home is to throw some paint on pretty much everything. That’s essentially what I have set out to do. But, painting alone is depressing. Painting with friends, however, is a feat in itself. So, that’s what we did.  The very first thing we did in our new house is … Continue reading