Get Your Paint On, Peeps!

After: The grey and white brighten things up.

What I’ve learned about owning a home is to throw some paint on pretty much everything. That’s essentially what I have set out to do. But, painting alone is depressing. Painting with friends, however, is a feat in itself. So, that’s what we did.  The very first thing we did in our new house is throw a party with friends, a keg and a lot of paint– not enough it turned out. It’s was a good start. My first advice in trying to create a new look in a home, without taking down some walls, is to paint it! What we learned from this process– painting is less fun once your friends leave. I would also not put this on a top ten list of things to do as newlyweds; if there’s trim, you may want rethink your budget and hire someone. What you invest in a professional painter, you save in couple’s therapy. If you’re a glass half full type of gal/guy, you can look at it the other way too; no matter the perspective, you’re spending money. As I’ve been told, a house is an investment. We’re actually enjoying it and learning a lot in the process. For example, I learned that John is not a painter… by any means. John has reaffirmed the fact that just because my sister can sew,  does not mean that I am so inclined. And I think he is somewhat baffled by my disdain of measuring, leveling or partaking in mathematical calculations. We’re both intrigued by our dog’s fascination with sprinkler heads and rose petals, both of which she likes to strewn around our backyard as presents for us in the morning.  We’re learning.

Now for some before, during and somewhat AFTER photos.  (Disclaimer: Feeling a little strange about posting Before photos of the previous owners’ stuff. )    


                                                                       Grey Paint: Benjamin Moore: Silent Night1613

Before Living Room/Mantel

During: Don’t they look happy? Thank you Julienne, Sara, Alicia, Tad, Lisa, Jason, Gary, Michelle, Topher!!!

One thought on “Get Your Paint On, Peeps!

  1. Gilly and Jon congrats on the house and the changes are incredible and it looks like something from HGTV. Miss you xoxoxo Court

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