Say Cheese–then add some COLOR!

Update: The new couch John hauled into the house.
Couch: Macy’s the “Tory” couch (found at their home furniture outlet) Rug: Chevron rug from Urban Outfitters; Pillows: Etsy

The living room is the first room we are tackling. I actually have agreed to take John’s advice to go slowly, room by room. (This won’t last for long, believe me). But, the first room to focus on is the living room. And let me just say John has been a super star with this room. After we hired movers to move us in, including are fairly new couch into the living room, we headed to Macy’s and bought a new one. Our original couch took up most of the actual “living” space. But, when we got home there were no movers left to move the new couch in and then old one out. Due to my back restrictions, John somehow managed to do both by himself. Amazing!

Our first weekend in the house was also our friends’ Kristina and Dan’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding in Half Moon Bay. And Kristina added so many details to her day, including a super fun photo booth. I’m a sucker for a photo (especially of me).  🙂 John and I got some cute photo booth pics, and I was looking to add some color to our grey living room, so I headed to Michael’s and got some quick little adornments to frame our photo booth pics. It was really easy– about 5 minutes of time and $5.00 of money spent. Can’t beat that.Image

Please excuse my iphone photo. I couldn’t remember where we put the camera after the wedding.

If we look confused in the photos… it’s probably because we were. Just couldn’t seem to figure out the props, a little off on placement, on timing and a few other things. “Should the drink be in the photo?” “Is this John’s mouth– nope that’s an eye!” The first thing that came to mind when the man handed  our us photo: “We’ve got to frame this.” I mean, come on!

Where Here’s what you need:

1. photo frame ( I got a 5 x7″)  Michael’s clearance $2.99

2. fun paper, wall paper, ribbon, etc to matte the photo: I bought a sheet of scrap book paper.

3. Scissors to cut your matte

4. photo

5. tape/glue

6. photo corners to give some texture and color (I chose colored)


1. Take the frame apart and measure the inside frame size (or just use the matte or back of frame to help with measurements). 2. Cut your paper to that size and place in your frame to make sure if fits correctly. 3. Then tape or glue your photo to the paper. I used photo corners on the four corners of my photo for effect. I glued them down after I had adhered the photo to the paper. 4. Place the paper with photo into the frame… you’re done!  A simple, quick way to add a little color.


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