Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

How I hope you do not fall– because I LOVE our new creation!

Adding a colorful perspective.

I’ve been trying to find creative ways to add color to our living room. But, many of my inspirations also tend to come with a steep price tag. My newest love: mirrors. There are so many fabulous mirrored pieces out there right now. I am really drawn to the larger wall hangings. I found some great ideas on houzz.com, which actually was the inspiration for my latest post.

I wanted a larger wall mount in a bright color that looked segmented or multipaneled. Then I saw some great examples using the IKEA MALMA mirrors, like in this apartment therapy photo. John and I braved the IKEA experience and ended up with some pretty great finds that you’ll see throughout our projects. For this project, we bought 9 small mirrors, then I painted them bright yellow from some left over paint I had (while John was sleeping). I laid them out as one unit, and John helped me bracket them together with picture frame hooks. It looked great, but it was not very stable, so John reinforced the back where the corners met. (John will have to chime in with the actual details). Then he strung the mirror to hang. It was a pretty quick project ( I painted at night, he assembled in the morning; that’s pretty much the way things work around here). It added the look and the color I was hoping for. I love our creation. And it was great to make this together. He’s been a trooper about the crafts. The total cost around $30.

Step 1

Step 2: Paint and wait

Step 3: Hang and Enjoy!


  •    IKEA Malma mirrors (9) $2.99 each
  •    Paint or stain
  •    paint brushes ( I used foam brushes from a craft store).
  •    brackets to secure the back of the mirrors
  •    string


1. Paint the mirrors. 2. After they dry, arrange them in the way you want them to hang (face down). 3. Attached the mirrors at all corners to make sure they whole piece lies flat and stable (we used brackets for this). 4. String the back of the mirror to hang from the wall. Be sure you get this measurement correct on this ahead of time. Our first attempt did not hang flat and the string was showing. John had to readjust.


3 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

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