Curtain Call

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For our friends out there that actually follow this blog– GREAT NEWS– Xigs is back! John rescued her from a terrible animal hospital, and she’s back with us regaining her strength. The two of us will be recuperating together (me from my back injury, the pup from whatever it is that she has most recently ingested). In the mean time, I have lots of crafting projects to keep me occupied. One of my latest projects: the No Sew curtain. It’s the way to go.

Admittedly, I had several attempts at these and used more than one type of adhesive or bond before finding the best method. I started with fabric glue, the white kind that supposedly dries on clear. Well, it doesn’t.  It just dries and stains. So, I put those up on John’s side of the room. During second attempt, I used two different types of adhesive tapes: peel and stick and heated bond tape. I think it’s pretty much a toss up as far as quality, as both worked fine. John’s vote is for the iron-on adhesive tape because he believes that the heat truly bonds the material together. I think the iron actually only flattens the material more, giving a more smooth appearance. The peel and stick adhesive tape works just as well and is one less step. You can be the judge.

We have dark grey walls in our bedroom, so we wanted to use clean white lines in our room to add some brightness. I knew I wanted to add some dimension into the curtains, so I looked at different types of curtains online. Curtains, or drapes rather, are very pricey. Then I found some no sew ribbon curtains online and starting thinking… I can do this! This photo is what I had in mind. On our IKEA trip, we bought white cotton curtains with grommets. Then I went to Joann Fabrics and found a dark grey grosgrains ribbon to trim the curtains with.
First things first: IKEA curtains are a great deal, but they are long. The need to be hemmed, which you can also do no sew. They include hem tape in the package. A deal at $30. Also, trimming the border of a drape takes patience and some time, as they are long and wide. Find a large area to spread out one panel at a time, measure and cut the ribbon, then stick adhesive tape down in small sections at a time. You want to go slowly, so that you maintain a straight consistent line of trim. I used the seam of the curtain as a guideline in placing the ribbon. After you have completed the whole panel, let it lie flat for a while to set. John suggested cutting your ribbon at a 45 degree angle at each corner (an afterthought), so that the ends meet up more precisely. I overlapped the ribbon edges. But, I would change that if I did it again.

Finished Product

It was a pretty easy project that turned out great in our room. It was what I was hoping for. If I ever get motivated, I would redo the first panel with bond fuse, or peel and stick tape. For now, though, the curtains are working out just fine.


2 thoughts on “Curtain Call

  1. Cute but lazy! Learn to sew, girl! However, i will admit i just bought fusible tape from IKEA for $1.99 for the table runners at our wedding because it is one time use and the wedding is rather soon. Good for some things, I suppose:-) the curtains are awesome, i love them. Keep crafting, you inspire me for my future house:-)

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