Color from the Inside Out

We were recently married, and we still have some odd things left over from the reception, including a lot of mason jars that we used for the table settings and random sized jars from our candy bar. And John is always looking to downsize (mostly my stuff). So, I think I found a beautiful compromise after stumbling across photos of painted mason jars. I found a few images on pinterest that eventually brought me to “Little Miss Momma”—a DIY blog with some fantastic projects.  Check out this post for a tutorial.

After reading the blog, I rummaged through our garage and found a box of mason jars and some random vases that were packed up from the wedding. I grabbed some paint that I had lying around from past projects and starting painting or twisting from the inside. It was one of my fastest projects.

Here’s what I did:

  1. I chose a mason jar or vase.
  2. Filled the jar(s) with a good amount of paint (1/2” or so).
  3. Then I tilted the jar on its side and starting turning the jar, so the paint began to cover the entire inside of the jar. (Keep turning and angling down.)
  4. I used a lot of paint, so once the jar was covered, I poured the remainder of the paint back into the can/jar.
  5. Then I left the mason jar upside down on card stock or cardboard to let the excess paint drop out.
  6. Once most of the paint was out, I turned it back over to let it sit and air dry for the rest of the day.  Beautiful and bright.

The project was so easy that I painted another mason jar with left over paint from the last project I did and used it to add some freshness to the house. I cut fresh rosemary from our garden and placed the cuttings in the newly painted jar. It’s a great way to use up any extra paint that you’ve mixed.

Step 1: find a jar or vase

Step 2: Pour in paint and turn

Step 3: Set upside down to remove excess paint.


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