Becoming a FAN…

John and I inherited some ceiling fans from the previous owners–not exactly the ones we had in mind. But, then we started looking at alternative lighting fixtures, and I decided to find a way to fix the ones we have. John was not sold on this. Not a problem. He went away on a backpacking trip, and my dear friend Alicia came to stay with me. Not only does she have fabulous taste, she’s a thrifter/antiquer. One weekend with her, we had the fan and front porch figured out (but the porch is for another day). One of the first things my sweet, soft-spoken friend said when she walked into our dining nook, was “Wow, that’s got to go.”– in reference to our hideous ceiling fan. (I’m paraphrasing here, but her look said it all).

Let me start off by saying, it was brass, textured brown panel AND had a porcelain angel figurine strung from the chord. John was uncomfortable with the angel from the start. The light fixtures were extremely exaggerated bells. Retro would be cool, this was just outdated. We looked at some remodeled ceiling fans online and came up with some ideas. John was totally against Modge Podge, so I stuck with good ole’ fashion paint. Alicia and I headed to Home Depot and bought new light fixtures for about $3.00 each. Then we took the blades off the fan, and I painted them with paint I had from past projects. I stuck with white and the aqua from the walls. We are in the process of updating that room, so I kept it simple. We’re using red accents for the room, but I didn’t want the fan to become too bold. It took just a few hours and saved us money. The fan is actually updated looking, with very little work. Now, when we walk into that little room, I can focus on something other than the crazy ceiling fan.


  • Updated light fixtures: Home Depot, $3.00 each
  • Interior white paint
  • Interior aqua paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Tarp

What We Did:

1. We removed both the blades and the light fixtures from the fan, but left the rest of the fan intact.

2. We replaced the light fixtures with simple, white fixtures.

3. I unscrewed the blades from the brass hardware.

4. Then I painted the blades white and the hardware aqua.

5. After they were set aside to dry I assemebled the blades again.

6. John reattached the blades to the fan– voilà, an updated light fixture that I’m a fan of. 🙂





One thought on “Becoming a FAN…

  1. i thought i’d commented on this a while back, but i don’t see it here. this project turned out great!!! keep ’em coming!

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