Posted in August 2012

Shelf Life

We have a lot of books in our house.  I love books, everything about them—they way they feel, the way they smell, especially the way they look. You might notice in photos on this bog that I use them not only to read, but also to decorate. We are short on space when it comes … Continue reading

Something Blue

This may be my favorite house project. I really enjoy the projects that John and I do together—which usually means John does most of the work, while I ramble on in the background. This end table reburb was a project pretty much of my own doing—John was out on a bike ride.  And it came … Continue reading

Deer Doug,

Some people name their cars, boats and other material possessions. My car goes by its make and model or “my car”. But, my things, the inanimate objects in my life, Buddy the bear (teddy bear), most of the plants in my life (many of whom have passed), all seem to have names aptly chosen for … Continue reading


Green thumbs, we do NOT have. But, even we were aware that we needed to do something about the growing mess in our backyard. We have a great backyard, but right in the middle we have a tree stump overrun by weeds. The previous owners seem to have put in some type of rock bed … Continue reading