Green thumbs, we do NOT have. But, even we were aware that we needed to do something about the growing mess in our backyard. We have a great backyard, but right in the middle we have a tree stump overrun by weeds. The previous owners seem to have put in some type of rock bed around the tree stump, but with the weeds it was hard to distinguish what it was, other than a mess.

While working on adding new mulch to the backyard, John ripped up some random pavers. When he asked what we should do with them, the stump came to mind. We (mostly HE) built a flower bed with the left over pavers and rocks from the defunct rock garden. We took a quick trip to The Home Depot to find some hardy flowers for the new flower bed. The stump was deteriorated enough to fit a potted plant. Then we added potting soil around the perimeter of the garden bed to give us soil to plant new flowers. Now our stump is a planter and our backyard is looking better.

What We Did:

  1. Pulled out existing weeds and rocks.
  2. Dug a small ditch around the perimeter of the flower bed to insert the pavers.
  3. After the pavers were in place, we added potting soil, giving us enough depth to plant flowers.
  4. We planted marigolds, then added a potted plant within the stump of the tree.
  5. You need to work with the stump.
  6. We added mulch to help with moisture.


      • Pavers, rocks, flowers, potting soil, mulch
      • Before




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