Deer Doug,

Doug the Deer

Some people name their cars, boats and other material possessions. My car goes by its make and model or “my car”. But, my things, the inanimate objects in my life, Buddy the bear (teddy bear), most of the plants in my life (many of whom have passed), all seem to have names aptly chosen for them. Enter Doug. Doug the Deer was one of the first additions to our new home and deservedly so acquired a name. We tried out a few names before coming to the perfect name for our stately stag. (An Aside: I come up with the names while John muses in the background with a bewildered, yet supportive look about him).

With Doug, functionality meets décor. I have an abundance of long chained necklaces that need to be hung instead of balled up in a tangled mess (as they were prior to this). At the same time, our newly painted dark, stark grey walls needed a little vibrance. Doug brought a resolve to both problems. I found this idea on one of my favorite sites “Here Come The Sons,” under their DIY section or “Make.” I took the idea and ran with it. I ordered an iron deer head online for about $20, and then spray-painted the deer with white spray paint to make a stronger contrast to the walls. I had planned on framing Doug with an old picture frame, but ending up spray-painting that too, then repurposing the matte with left over material from another bedroom project. I ended up with a brightly framed, rod iron deer to hang my necklaces from. Love it! Here’s to Doug.


Here’s What We Did:
1. After ordering Doug, I chose a frame that would work with the size of the deer.
2. I spray painted the deer, using safety goggles and mask—this stuff is toxic.
3. I took the frame apart, disposed of the glass, took out the matte.
4. I measured the fabric and began adhering the fabric to the matte with a glue gun every few sections. (Slice the corners to make it easier to fold).
5. Set the matte out to dry, and then reset it in the frame.
6. Next John secured Doug into the wall using his drill. This is two-person job if placement is important. It was actually a bit of a challenge to get Doug in the right spot.
7. After the Deer is mounted, hammer in a few nails to hang the frame from, being sure you center the deer within the frame.



  •    Deer Head  – $20
  •    Spray paint – $6
  •    Picture frame
  •    Glue gun
  •    Material
  •    Scissors
  •    Drill/screw driver

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