Something Blue

This may be my favorite house project. I really enjoy the projects that John and I do together—which usually means John does most of the work, while I ramble on in the background. This end table reburb was a project pretty much of my own doing—John was out on a bike ride.  And it came out so close to what I had envisioned! John did play a role however; he enthusiastically carried the end table out of the house, then grumpily carried it back in, then carried it out for the second phase of the project and so on. So, not completely independent.

Things I’ve come to realize about buying a new house. (at least in our case): 1. The house is about the only new thing about the process; most of what fills the house is old or refurbed as I like to put it, including the actual house—nothing new there. (Our house was built in 1949.) 2. Owning a home takes a lot of time and patience, both of which I am short on. Which is another reason I love this project. I am a do-it –in-a-day type of gal—love shortcuts. With this, I started one weekend, and diligently completed the next. I think it was worth the wait.

This ugly end table was John’s from his bachelor days, which he interestedly enough used as a file cabinet. But, in our new home, I needed more closet space, so I adopted it with the intent of painting it from the start. I have loved vintage and retro pieces lately, and I thought this little table had so much potential due to its ornate nature and great hardware.  Then I found this post —My Bamboo is a Peacock Blue– on Centsational Girl. I used the tutorial from Centsational Girl as my guide. For a detailed step-by-step click below.


A Few Tips:

  1. Zinsser Primer is a MUST for repaint or veneer projects.
  2. Varnish gave this old thing a fabulous finish.
  3. DO go find some fun, old hardware (handles, knobs, etc) and repaint them. (This can get expensive, so look for finds at thrift stores, garage sales, hardware stores, etc. I LOVE Anthro knobs, but I usually can find a close knock off at World Market).
  4. Go bold, for at least one piece in your house/room.  🙂

    COMPLETE! The varnish gives it that high gloss. The small bud vases and gilded glass plate are from a thrift store– under $10. I made the pillow for the bed.

I also went thrifting at a local consignment shop to find the retro accessories on the tabletop. I used the same gold spray paint on the glass vase I use as a makeup brush holder, as I did for the handles. (Post on that later).


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