Say It With Ink

We just got back from Hawaii, where we celebrated our 1st Anniversary, which explains the hiatus from blogging. We were inspired by our surroundings and came up with some great ideas for the house and outside area. Stay tuned.

Until then, let’s talk about ink transfers. I have been searching for the easiest, least messy solvent for ink transfers since I first starting seeing the DIY versions on pinterest and blogs. I love the idea of the faded, vintage look of ink transfers. I’ve also decided that stencils are a lot of work and take a lot of patience—not my cup of tea.  I finally found an easy way to transfer text, prints, even photos onto varied surfaces using this tutorial from Lil Blue Boo.

 Things to Remember:

1. Use an older laser jet printer (I tried several before getting it right).
2. Citra Solv is amazing—You can find is at Aaron Brother’s, varied art sores, or online. Online is the best deal.
3. Don’t forget to flip your image/text: Word on Mac has this option under “Rotation,” as well as Paint and PowerPoint.

I transferred onto both wood and fabric. Fabric is an easier medium; transfers on finished wood are a little trickier, but doable. After you transfer the ink onto fabric, let it dry, then iron the fabric. Most directions will tell you to burnish the inked areas— this is much more important than you may think, especially on wood. Basically, press hard over each area to ensure the ink adheres. I used the back of a spoon for my wood project, but did not need as much elbow grease with the fabric transfer. After I actually got the printer right, the transfer took just a few minutes. I was thrilled with the results.

I credit John for the patience to stick with me on this one. He helped me through one failed attempt, then several attempts of finding the right printer.

Ink transfer onto wood


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