Framing a Mural

Framed Murals

Framed Murals

When we moved into our new house, we wanted to be sure we brought some of our favorite parts of our old neighborhood with us—an SF tribute, if you will. Our old place was near the Mission, an area as colorful as it is crowded, and literally lined with art. In most SF guide books you’ll find something called the Mission Mural Walk. It is amazing, but I think even more amazing is if you just wonder down the streets of the Mission, down the small alleys, into the neighborhood parks, to the front door of the Women’s Building—a place of inspiration. One of my favorite things to do in the city is to walk the streets of the Mission, and I knew it would be one of the things I would miss most about our little move down the hill.

So, when we started decorating our little dining nook, we went back to the Mission. We took photos of our favorite murals, and then I found some other mural images online. I narrowed the photos down to four (the amount of frames I had painted) based on color, theme and nostalgia. We repurposed some beautiful outside art into our inside mural.

What We Used:

  • Frames (varied sizes from a thrift store).
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Photos/Illustrations/Art
  • Photo hooks
  • Nails

What We Did:

  1. After I chose my photos, I had them printed from Shutterfly.
  2. I took my thrift store frames and primed then painted them all the same color as the wall. I wanted to give a sense of unity to the frames, while letting the actual colors of the murals be the focal point.
  3. Then I framed the photos of the murals and arranged them on the wall. I intentionally tried to find varied sizes and styles of frames to add more texture.

We love seeing these murals in our home each day and being reminded of some of our favorite places.


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