What a TREATment! DIY Window Cornices

DIY Cornice

DIY Cornice

Owning a home, or at least adding home improvements, has really pushed the boundaries of our relationship. I have learned that just because I come up with a “great idea” does not mean the project will be put into action any time in the near future. And, I’m coming to terms with this…slowly. John has learned that helping me with projects often ends in him doing the majority of the work, under my all-too helpful supervision. It usually ends with some alone time (and a beer or two) for John. Though most days end in a laugh.

Today, my new-found patience had finally paid off. I got my window cornices—a project I decided on about six months ago. I ordered fabric, bought batting. I was ready. But, this is one of the projects that has been on hold.

Because it was my birthday last week, John was so eager to make the weekend perfect, trying to fit in all my favorite things. We managed to go the museum, drive around the city to find a gluten-free cupcake, have dinner with great friends AND start on some home projects I have been talking about for months. John started making cornices for the windows in the dining nook without me even asking! People, it was like Christmas morning in my house.

This weekend we completed one of the cornices and will hopefully have the project done by the end of the week. I couldn’t hold off with the post. I love them!

I followed this tutorial on Sew Dang Cute for most of the process.

What We Did:

  1. We measured our windows and John cut the cornices out of wood we had at the house. He glued the sides with wood glue, then added L brackets to secure them.
  2. I measured the batting and material and cut both slightly larger than the actual cornices.
  3. We first pulled the batting snuggly around the cornices, then staple gunned it onto the wood.
  4. We lined up the material and stapled it onto the batting and wood, one section at a time.
  5. John mounted the hardware to the wall, then secured the cornice. FABULOUS!
  • IMG_0640
  •         Materials:

Wood/MDF/Foam Core
L brackets
Wood glue

                                                    Iron ( Now this is key. We recently reorganized our closets seem to have misplaced our iron. A cruel twist of fate, I know. We went ahead without ironing the batting to the material, which caused wrinkles. My suggestion: Find the iron).


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