Have A Seat

After: Reupholstered Chair

After: Reupholstered Chair

Our friends and family that know our pup, Xigs, may have heard she had surgery last week, leaving her with a little less of her small intestine. The dog ate four socks. Blogging and everything has been on the back burner. This little mishap made us rethink our living situation. We chose a room and started taking pretty much everything out of it for her recovery (less for her to eat). So, the dining nook now consists of table, chairs, dog bed. All other things have been displaced. On the bright side, we’ve made some headway on this room. 

We’ve been working on our little dining nook for a few months now, but it is such a small space that it is difficult to decorate without making it feel any smaller. We like having friends over for dinner, so we need to have a table that can accommodate several people, but the oversized table we had in there took up most of the room. A month or so ago I found a great table at a local thrift store on sale that has a leaf to expand if we need. Getting it home was more of a challenge, but with a few rounds of musical cars and a very nice neighbor, the table found its way into our home.

We came up with the great idea of adding bench seating, more comfortable lounging coupled with extra storage… then life happened. So, the benched seating literally got “benched” for the time being. Luckily I had my eye out for Plan B. I’ve been seeing at lot of mismatched chairs thematically connected by the same color paint on pinterst and blogs. More options with less formality, so I started thrifting. I finally found four chairs that would work; I painted them all the same gloss finish white. I love the idea of people choosing their own chair. One of the chairs I used I picked up months ago to try to reupholster. With the leftover fabric and batting from our cornice project, I finally was able to start on this project. So, here you are. My first reupholstered chair project. You also get to see the new (old) chairs that make up our eclectic dining room set. With the smaller table and chairs painted white, the room really opened up.

 New Furniture Items:

  • Thrifted Dining Table ($35)
  • 4 wooden chairs (Thrift store, $8 each)

What We did (To Rehab the Chair)

  1. Removed the base and cushion of the chair
  2. Primed the chair with Zinser primer
  3. Spray painted the chairs with high gloss finish paint
  4. Measured batting to fit the seat
  5. Measured fabric to fit the seat, leaving excess fabric to work with
  6. Staple Gunned the batting and fabric on the chair seat; trimmed the fabric
  7. Screwed the seat cushion back into place.
  8. Enjoy chair.  Here’s a link to a useful tutorial. 


  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Batting or foam
  • Upholstery fabric
  • Staple Gun
  • ScissorsIMG_0663

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