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Framing a Mural

When we moved into our new house, we wanted to be sure we brought some of our favorite parts of our old neighborhood with us—an SF tribute, if you will. Our old place was near the Mission, an area as colorful as it is crowded, and literally lined with art. In most SF guide books … Continue reading

Hack Job– IKEA style

I was really excited to post about my first IKEA hack, when a friend pointed out that we already have a few hacks in our home (see Mirror, mirror…). But this is one of our first IKEA furniture hacks we’ve taken on. And it was definitely a join effort–generally meaning my idea, his labor. I … Continue reading

Welcome Home!

We’ve been focusing a lot on decorating and updating the inside of the house that the outside started to get a little neglected.  We recently added a few things to our front yard to make it more welcoming. A friend of mine showed me a fabulous planter on pinterest that inspired this next project. I … Continue reading

Before and After: Living Room

This was a pretty good Labor Day weekend–we spent time with friends, spent time with each other and our pup, went on our first mountain bike ride together since surgery (yay!), AND we got a little closer to completing one room of our house. Now that we are almost through (one room ), I’m ready … Continue reading

Color from the Inside Out

We were recently married, and we still have some odd things left over from the reception, including a lot of mason jars that we used for the table settings and random sized jars from our candy bar. And John is always looking to downsize (mostly my stuff). So, I think I found a beautiful compromise … Continue reading

Some Like It Hot

It is the 4th of July, but that does not necessarily make it hot in San Francisco. Despite the recent heat wave, the city was a little chilly tonight. So, we added heat somewhere else– our kitchen. Since we decided to go very bright and a bit eclectic in our kitchen, I thought why not … Continue reading

Coffee Table Makeover

I am totally into refurbishing at the moment. I love the idea of finding a cool piece of furniture and making it over into something a little funkier. I was pretty happy with this little revamp… let’s just say it’s not her first facelift. When I moved away from San Francisco the first time, my … Continue reading

Get Your Paint On, Peeps!

What I’ve learned about owning a home is to throw some paint on pretty much everything. That’s essentially what I have set out to do. But, painting alone is depressing. Painting with friends, however, is a feat in itself. So, that’s what we did.  The very first thing we did in our new house is … Continue reading

Moving and Changing (literally)

So, we finally bought our house in a very LONG short sale process, and we’ve moved down the hill –from our adorable Bernal Heights neighborhood in San Francisco to our little house in San Carlos. Twenty minutes door-to-door, yet it still seems so far away. But, the pup loves the grass and the boy loves … Continue reading