Something Blue

This may be my favorite house project. I really enjoy the projects that John and I do together—which usually means John does most of the work, while I ramble on in the background. This end table reburb was a project pretty much of my own doing—John was out on a bike ride.  And it came … Continue reading

Deer Doug,

Some people name their cars, boats and other material possessions. My car goes by its make and model or “my car”. But, my things, the inanimate objects in my life, Buddy the bear (teddy bear), most of the plants in my life (many of whom have passed), all seem to have names aptly chosen for … Continue reading


Green thumbs, we do NOT have. But, even we were aware that we needed to do something about the growing mess in our backyard. We have a great backyard, but right in the middle we have a tree stump overrun by weeds. The previous owners seem to have put in some type of rock bed … Continue reading

Becoming a FAN…

John and I inherited some ceiling fans from the previous owners–not exactly the ones we had in mind. But, then we started looking at alternative lighting fixtures, and I decided to find a way to fix the ones we have. John was not sold on this. Not a problem. He went away on a backpacking … Continue reading

Color from the Inside Out

We were recently married, and we still have some odd things left over from the reception, including a lot of mason jars that we used for the table settings and random sized jars from our candy bar. And John is always looking to downsize (mostly my stuff). So, I think I found a beautiful compromise … Continue reading

Some Like It Hot

It is the 4th of July, but that does not necessarily make it hot in San Francisco. Despite the recent heat wave, the city was a little chilly tonight. So, we added heat somewhere else– our kitchen. Since we decided to go very bright and a bit eclectic in our kitchen, I thought why not … Continue reading

Bright Idea

Now that we’ve added color to the living room, we could use a little light. For some reason, there are no overhead lights in our living room, leaving us with a lot of lamps. Ideally, we should install a light fixture; John actually mentioned this idea. But, that entails getting up into our crawl space … Continue reading

Coffee Table Makeover

I am totally into refurbishing at the moment. I love the idea of finding a cool piece of furniture and making it over into something a little funkier. I was pretty happy with this little revamp… let’s just say it’s not her first facelift. When I moved away from San Francisco the first time, my … Continue reading

Curtain Call

For our friends out there that actually follow this blog– GREAT NEWS– Xigs is back! John rescued her from a terrible animal hospital, and she’s back with us regaining her strength. The two of us will be recuperating together (me from my back injury, the pup from whatever it is that she has most recently … Continue reading

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

How I hope you do not fall– because I LOVE our new creation! I’ve been trying to find creative ways to add color to our living room. But, many of my inspirations also tend to come with a steep price tag. My newest love: mirrors. There are so many fabulous mirrored pieces out there right … Continue reading